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Historically, when people think about the urban mobility, they essentially think about cars or public transportation. Then we noticed On s’est vite aperçu que cette vision était bien trop simpliste.

Social, economical, ecological constraints encourage urban spaces to change.

Kleefer philosophy has as a starting point this finding.

Our team try to understand the city of nowadays and tomorrow and try to fully integrate the importance of urban mobility in our daily lives. We have this feeling that cities will be deeply rethink in the future according to the new expectations of urban dwellers and public authority.

Participate in the mobility of tomorrow is our challenge.

Public transportations will probably remain the spinal collumn of mobility, we so have to build an offer around this principle concept.

Every dweller should move easily, with short timing and acceptable price and comfort.

The modern city needs a real inter-modality organising and facilitating the transition from one transportation to another according to the needs of people.

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