BEHOLIC Jewelry Shower


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  • Uniquely designed shower head
  • Easy adjustment of water pressure
  • Anti-aging and beautifying
  • Reduce water consumption by 35%
  • Easy installation
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"The Jewelry Shower has a uniquely designed shower head that can be easily installed in the bathroom and has a switch for easy adjustment of water pressure. Together with the gemstone filter and high-hydrogen water tablets, the two filters effectively remove 40~60% of the residual chlorine in the tap water, and also remove harmful substances such as rust, fine impurities and heavy metals in the tap water.
Main components of high hydrogen water tablets: coconut oil, castor oil, camellia oil, vitamin C, sodium, magnesium, polyethylene glycol The gem filter : The jewel ceramic in the filter is made from a variety of precious stones (crystal, ruby, medical stone, emerald, jade and electric stone) and fired at 1400 °C. It is a filter that can be used for life time to remove chlorine and hard metals by ionic action. You only need to expose it to the sun every day to ""charge"", you can maintain the ionic charge."



  • Jewelry Shower Gem Filter, which acts as an ion in water, in addition to reducing chloride ions dissolved in water, it also has a natural moisturizing effect on hair and skin.
  • Jewelry Shower high-hydrogen water tablets soften water by dechlorination, reducing skin irritation
  • Eliminate bacteria and mold and help keep your bathroom clean
  • Hydrogen dissolved in water eliminates any odor, unpleasant body odor, and is more effective than antiperspirant
  • Up to 615 world-class tiny 0.19mm drains for cleansing our pores and hair follicles
  • Water speed of up to 50km per hour, giving the skin a soft touch and massage the scalp
  • High-hydrogen water, which has a strong recovery effect on the body and skin. Molecular hydrogen is a natural antioxidant that promotes youth, beauty and prevents         premature aging.


** If you use the small-size open outlet domestic electric storage water heater , do not install the shower head with the water valve. Otherwise, the pressure of the electric water heater will be too large and explode.

If you have any doubt, please contact the supplier of the electric water heater or call 1823 to consult the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.


HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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