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Aladdin Graphite Grill & Toaster (Limited Edition - Sakura Pink)


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Sengoku Works, the brand of God-class electric heater, is a revolutionary 0.2-second instant heating technology. It produces crispy and delicious soft toast, and delicious dishes such as baking, roasting, steaming and deep-fried, which are popular in Japan!


Revolutionary 0.2 second instant heating multi-function graphite high speed oven!

Aladdin graphite high-speed oven developed by Sengoku Works, a Japanese god-class electric heater brand, revolutionizes the furnace temperature to 280 degrees in a revolutionary 0.2 second, instantly making delicious crispy soft toast, plus exclusive far-infrared graphite. The heating system can easily produce baking, roasting, steaming, deep-fried, etc., and the colorful dishes have been popular in Japan!
Japan's first and patented - far infrared graphite heating tube technology

Japan's Thousand Stone Company owns the patented Far Infrared Graphite technology, which is produced from a polyimide thermal conductive film (Polymide Sheet) made of graphite crystal. The thermal conductivity is 10 times that of iron! In combination with the reflector design in the furnace to ensure rapid temperature rise, the thermal balance is projected onto the cooking, and the temperature in the furnace is effectively and rapidly increased.
The mystery of the outer crispiness and inner softness

Far-infrared graphite has higher heat transfer efficiency than other heat-generating materials (such as carbon, halogen, quartz, general metal heating tubes, etc.); at the same time, the strong penetration of only 2μm wavelength, quickly heat food, more uniform circulation heating .
Tailor-made accessories

A dual-use baking tray, a round grid, and a square grid allow you to cook more. Come and experience the "roast", "grill" and "cooking"!
  • 0.2 second speed heating, cooking without preheating
  • Patented technology, graphite heating tube produced in Japan
  • There is a graphite heating tube and 2 quartz heating tubes inside the machine.
  • 1530W, adjustable 100-280°C
  • 10L internal available capacity
  • With easy-to-clean dual-use baking tray, cooking temperature can reach 330 °C
  • Bake, fry, steam, no frying
  • Double glazed door design
  • Removable chip tray
  • Product size: 350 (w) x 334 (d) x 235 (h) mm
  • Furnace size: 310 (w) x 285 (d) x 87 (h) mm

Specification & Warranty


Color: Sakura Pink

Weight: 11 kg

Dimensions: 40.5 x 38 x 34.5 cm


HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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