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  • Airfree ® is the natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies and mould.
  • Eliminates dust mites, bacteria, fungi, virus, pollen, allergens of domestic animals and other microorganisms from the air.
  • Patented and environmentally friendly TSS Technology, eliminates air-borne microorganisms by 200 C temperature
  • Eliminate up to 99.99% of microbiological air contamination
  • Low energy consumption (less than a standard 60W bulb)
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Totally silent
  • Release neither ozone nor ions
  • Adjustable anti stress light
  • Made in Europe
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Available in over 50 countries, and rated among the best air purifiers in the United States, Airfree products reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. Recommended by doctors and with no contraindications, they can be used anywhere.

How does it work?

Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms and allergens, destroying them in a fraction of a second. Depending on the model, between 14,000 and 20,000 litres of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time.

The process works in much the same way as sterilising water by boiling it; when water is boiled, the microorganisms it contains are eliminated. In similar fashion, Airfree continually draws in air from the room, heating it to over 400°F and instantly sterilising it. The purified air is then cooled inside the device before being returned to the room.

The entire process is completely silent and requires no maintenance, not even the occasional replacement of parts. All you have to do is switch the device on and leave it to get on with the job.



See Airfree’s effectiveness at work
This laboratory-conducted test shows how Airfree acts to prevent mould.



Airfree advantages

  • Highly Effective
  • Exclusive patented technology
  • No maintenance
  • Completely silent
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small and portable
  • Totally silent; Anti-stress light 
  • Clean, environmentally-friendly technology
  • No ozone or ion emissions
  • Award-winning design



Airfree technology has been tested and proven by dozens of laboratories worldwide.



Capacity: Up to 230 ft²
Power consumption (Watt): 45W
Size (Diameter x Height): 215 x 265mm
Weight: 1.09kg
Color: White
Warranty: 2 years


2 Years Warranty

Warranty Registration
J SELECT is a brand under Jebsen Group. For warranty registration, please visit hk.jebsenconsumer.com.

More Info

  1. How does Airfree work?
    Airfree destroys microorganisms at its heated capillaries. Contaminated air is dragged into Airfree’s ceramic core by air convection and microorganisms are destroyed at high temperatures regardless of how resistant and dangerous they might be.

  2. Are there any side effects?
    No. Airfree’s new technology uses heat to purify the air. No side effects, no emissions, NO IONS, nor new particles are generated. Airfree® should be used in all homes and offices, quietly, constantly, and efficiently purifying the air.

  3. Does Airfree eliminate bacteria and viruses?
    Yes. Unlike the air filters in the market Airfree® is more efficient with the smallest microorganisms as they are easily carried by Airfree’s airflow into its heated ceramic core.

  4. How does Airfree destroy dust mites?
    Mould reduction in the environment causes reduction in the mould dependant dust mite population. Airfree also destroys the harmful toxins and fungus freed by dust mite feces that trigger respiratory allergies.

  5. How does Airfree eliminate fungi?
    As mentioned before, Airfree eliminates airborne microorganisms included fungi and spores. By eliminating spores new colonies are unlikely to develop, representing less future airborne spores.

  6. How does Airfree® destroy viruses?
    Those microscopic microorganisms are easily eliminated inside Airfree’s ceramic core capillaries. The temperature inside of Aifree’s capillaries is much higher than required to incinerate them. Airfree® is your greatest ally in respiratory disease prevention.

  7. Does Airfree reduce tobacco smell?
    Yes, Airfree reduces any kind of organic smell in the ambience including tobacco.

  8. Does Airfree release any gas or chemical product?
    No. Airfree’s sterilisation process is natural. Please check our website for conclusive tests regarding particles and ozone.

  9. Does Airfree heat up a room?
    No. Airfree does not noticeable increase room temperature. To have an idea 2 Airfrees plugged in the same room will contribute as much heat as the presence of one adult in that same room.

  10. Does Airfree provoke any change in room’s the relative humidity?

  11. Does Airfree need filter replacement?

  12. Does Airfree consume a lot of energy?
    No. Airfree’s consumption is just 45 Watts for P1000, 48 Watts for P2000 and 52 Watts for P3000 Onix.

  13. Where do the microorganisms go after they are destroyed?
    As all living organisms, microorganisms and their products are basically composed by carbon, oxigen and nitrogen. Since Airfree reachs nearly 414F, all the components are supposed to suffer a combustion process, which liberates carbone dioxide (the same product released by our respiration) and water. Some carbon (or ashes) may remain in the process. If there is some residual allergen left, we might consider that they suffer denaturation, a process involving lost of conformation and function. It should be noted that we are talking about reactions that occur in a microscopic level, so all these processes or by-products won’t be perceived. In this case, there is no need to worry about maintenance.

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